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alkeBULAN Prints rooted for African descent at DC Fashion Week 2023

WASHINGTON DC (FMG WIRE) –The DC Fashion Week 2023 saw the emergence of an exceptional talent and fashion brand, alkeBULAN Prints, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and patrons alike.

The brand CEO and creative director, Delight Jhansi, expressed her excitement and pride in showcasing her collection after a year of hard work alongside her dedicated team.

With enthusiasm, Jhansi shared her journey at DC Fashion Week, stating, “I feel amazing; it’s just great to see all of my hard work, myself, and my team’s hard work being seen and appreciated since it took a whole year to put it together. I’m just excited to be back at DC Fashion Week to showcase it.”

alkeBULAN Prints, which can be found online at, is renowned for its African-inspired designs and attire.

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Jhansi’s passion for African history and culture is evident in her collection, which she describes as being suitable for anyone of African descent or anyone interested in African heritage and fashion.

The versatile collection is designed to be worn comfortably in various settings, from home to parties, and even at work.

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