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alkeBULANPrints to unveils “Afro St. Chronicles” collections at Trunk Show in Maryland


WASHINGTON DC (FMG Wire) – In anticipation of an exciting fashion event this Saturday, Delight Dzansi, the creative mind behind the brand ‘alkeBULANPrints‘ shares insights into the upcoming Trunk Show.

Dzansi enthusiastically describes her brand, focusing on African prints in a modernized context. She creates designs for both genders, all crafted in Ghana and imported to the United States.

She highlights two collections, “My Closet” and the much-anticipated “Afro St. Chronicles.”

My Closet caters to ready-made designs, offering a cultural representation for various occasions, from work to social events,” Dzansi told The African Press.

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The recently showcased “Afro St. Chronicles” seamlessly merges streetwear with African prints, a creative endeavor that received acclaim at DC Fashion Week.

Speaking about the additions to her collection, Dzansi affectionately refers to them as her “kids.”

She introduces five new dresses, including the elegant award-worthy dress worn by award winner Juliana Yates during the Runway International Awards 2023. Notable among them is a stunning 11-layered blue dress radiating elegance.

Juliana Yates poses with the founder of alkeBULANPrints Delight Dzansi at the Runway International Fashion Awards 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by Bola Ishola/FMG Wire

When asked about the event’s collections, Dzansi proudly mentions “Afro St. Chronicles” and “My Closet.”

The unveiling of these collections at the Trunk Show marks a significant moment for the designer and attendees alike.

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The event, hosted in collaboration with the House of Revenue showroom, features alkeBULANPrints’ brand and five others.

The Trunk Show promises a unique blend of a mini fashion showcase and an opportunity for attendees to explore and purchase designs from the showcased brands.

As the fashion community eagerly awaits the show, Dzansi expresses her excitement for everyone to witness the creative fusion of African prints and contemporary style.

The event,  an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to engage with and acquire these distinctive designs.

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