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Cardi B claims her house being haunted by ‘ghost’ that wants to have sex with her

Cardi B, the renowned musician, has voiced her belief that her Los Angeles home is inhabited by a ghost, and she has even suggested that this spectral presence may have amorous intentions towards her. Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephu, disclosed her eerie encounters during an Instagram Live session, subsequently widely shared on social media.

The rapper explained her peculiar experiences, noting that she hears a distinct buzzing sound in her house, akin to a fly. Despite her attempts to locate the source of the sound, it eludes her. Her concern deepened when she realized the noise typically emerges when she is alone at home, particularly when her husband, Offset, is not present. Cardi even summoned a security guard to investigate, but the sound mysteriously disappeared in his presence.

Convinced of a supernatural presence, Cardi B shared her unsettling theory that this ‘ghost’ seems to only manifest itself when she is alone, leading her to speculate that it may have amorous intentions. She expressed her frustration with the situation, contemplating the possibility of staying in a hotel to escape these eerie encounters.

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