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‘DC Fashion Week’ hosts networking party for models, designers, fashionistas

WASHINGTON DC (FMG WIRE) – The highly-anticipated fashion industry ‘networking party’ held yesterday not only lived up to its reputation but also celebrated a remarkable milestone as DC Fashion Week marked its 20th edition.

The visionary founder of the DC Fashion Week, Ean Williams, orchestrated a dazzling parade of models, designers, photographers, journalists, makeup artists, hair and clothing stylists, modeling agents, buyers, retailers and fashionistas representing various regions across the United States. This glamorous spectacle served as a captivating prelude to the 2024 DC Fashion Week Spring/Summer scheduled for the evening of Saturday, September 30th, through October 1st, 2023 in Washington DC.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication to the affair, the ‘networking party’ which also served as the opening ceremony and introduction session, saw the presence of illustrious models and designers. Their participation added a touch of international prestige to the event, which unfolded amidst the stylish ambiance of Saint Yves lounge in the heart of Washington, D.C.

This splendid gathering not only fostered networking opportunities but also set the stage for a much-anticipated main show that promises to dazzle on Saturday night, leaving fashion enthusiasts in awe.

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The DC Fashion Week networking party was designed to provide networking opportunities for fashion industry professionals who come to Washington DC to work behind-the-scenes at DC Fashion Week.

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