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Eritrean student thanks African community after ‘full-ride’ at University of Maryland

Mical Eyob, a first-generation high school student from a family of Eritrean migrant, delivered an inspiring speech on behalf of the EriStars Girls Team at the graduation ceremony in Maryland.

Reflecting on her journey, Eyob shared her heartfelt appreciation for her parents, who sacrificed a great deal for her and her sisters.

She also thanked her family and friends for their unwavering support, which allowed her to pursue her education at the University of Maryland with a full-ride and a strong support system.

Eyob extended her appreciation to the EriStars, acknowledging the significant personal growth she experienced during her eight years with the team.

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She praised the team for providing her with unexpected opportunities and shaping her into a confident leader.

Eyob expressed her gratitude for the wonderful memories created with everyone involved.

Eyob took a moment to give a special shoutout to her teammates, expressing her deep love and describing them as lifelong sisters.

She emphasized the bond they had developed over the years and how grateful she was for each and every one of them.

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A touching moment came when Eyob expressed her immense gratitude to her coach, whom she addressed as her father. Describing him as an exceptional coach and father figure who played a significant role in her life’s journey.

Eyob expressed her admiration for the valuable life lessons he imparted, such as leadership, teamwork, and accountability.

She recognized his unwavering support, standing by the team through victories and losses, and expressed the team’s collective appreciation for his dedication.

Finally, Eyob addressed her fellow graduates, reflecting on their shared desire to grow up and the countless memories they had created together.

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She encouraged them to embrace the endless possibilities the future holds, urging them to pursue their dreams and make a positive difference in the world.

Eyob’s speech left a lasting impact on the EriStars community, highlighting the importance of gratitude, teamwork, and personal growth.

Her inspiring words resonated with her teammates and fellow graduates, reminding them of their potential to make a meaningful impact as they embark on their individual journeys.

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