Zambian actress Cassie Kabwita makes headline in Nollywood

ACN Team

African Celeb

Zambian actress, Cassie Kabwita is taking her acting career beyond the shores of her country, as she debut appearance in Nollywood.

The delectable actress who’s the most sort after screen diva in Zambia features in ‘The Fugitive’ alongside Kate Henshaw, Fredrick Leonard, Blossom Chikwdjeku, Daniel K. Daniel and King Wole Oje.

Kabwita during her chat with Africa Cable Network correspondent Eric Mutinda in Kenya, reveals her role in the blockbuster movie. She says “the movie addresses modern day human trafficking especially amongst women and girls that has hit the continent of Africa and moreso the sponsor country Nigeria.”

Having won lots of accolades locally and internationally, Kabwita success has brought her love across Zambia borders with her getting the opportunity to work with actors across the globe.

Kabwita has already had her name written in history, as she’s the first Zambian actor to feature on a Nollywood movie.