Africans fight to reinstates fired AU Ambassador, Arikana Chihombori Quao

Africa Cable Network


Permanent Representative of the African Union to the United States has been relieved abruptly of her appointment.

A memo terminating Ambassador Arikana Chiombori Quao’s appointment, which Africa Cable Network obtained, stated no reason for the action.

Moussa Faki Mohamat, the chairperson of the AU, did the honors of signing the memo and directing the termination.

“In line with terms and conditions of service governing your appointment as Permanent Representative of the AU Mission to the United States of America, I have decided to terminate your contract in that capacity with effect from 1st November 2019,” the five-paragraph memo read in part.

The AU chairperson’s decision has been generating reaction among diplomats and policy wonks across in international communities.

An online petition register has been opened on to prevail on the AU to reinstate Arikana.

Apart from her robust representation of Africa’s interests in America, which Mohamat also admitted in the memo, Arikana’s appointment as an Afrocrat bears some gender overtones—just as her removal does.

“Arikana is one of our best. Our women are our leaders. Our future are our women. Our women are our existence,” a petitioner wrote.

“She’s the main person standing for the continent of Africa,’ another petitioner protested.

Members of committees of different initiatives worker under Arikana, including the Education Steering Committee for African Diasporean Health Initiatives for the United States, are among those rallying support for her to keep her job.