Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra tells her critics what her childhood looks like

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Having being shamed and criticized for being ‘real’, Amara La Negra obliges herself to tell the world what some of her critics may not know about her.

The Love & Hip Hop star, takes to her Instagram to share a sneak peak of what her childhood looks like. And if you had thought she’s been fake this whole time, you may just be wrong.

In the video shared on her Instagram, the Afro-Latina rapper was captured on runway. With all the features displayed from a child as such, one can easily tell what her adulthood will look like.

You don’t just need to be a prophet to predict her adulthood charisma and body physique, looking at her as a child.

She captioned the video; “Well Yea I guess I was Born in a “Black Face Body!” Its funny that I even have to go through this and show you baby pictures or videos to prove to blogs and people on social media that my skin color is not airbrushed or spray tanned nor do I take melanin shots to be black! This shit is hilarious, however this is one of my favorite baby videos. I started when I was four years old doing beauty pageants, working on TV, commercials, etc. I have always been sassy & confident! Iv always been Naturally curvy Hips, Thighs, butt lol Thanks Mom/Dad lmao.. and Yess Thats My Hair! Back Then I used Braids… These days you gotta explain it all… Im Being Questioned every single part of my body.