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Miss DC USA 2021 Sasha Perea takes on dual role as anchor and model for Global Couture US show

Sasha Perea

WASHINGTON DC (FMG Wire) – In a compelling interview with The African Press, Sasha Perea, the ’emcee’ of special exhibition for the Global Couture US event reveals her excitement about the November 11th festivities and outlines her dual roles as both an anchor for the program and a model set to grace the runway on Saturday evening.

Reflecting on the special exhibition hosted by the Colombian Ambassador, Perea expressed her appreciation for the insight gained into the backgrounds of the featured designers. “The program was full with inspiration,” Perea told The African Press senior correspondent Bola Ishola in Washington DC.

The first Colombian Miss DC USA 2021 emphasized the transformative power of fashion, underlining its potential to make a significant impact on communities. With a majority of the designs representing Colombia, Perea stressed the importance of events like Global Couture US, highlighting the necessity for representation to bring attention and awareness to diverse communities.

Sasha Perea

Perea, a first-generation Colombian American, shared her personal journey, acknowledging the absence of such events hindering the visibility of her community.

The Afro-Latina emphasized the value of events like Global Couture US in showcasing not only Colombians and Latinos but people from all cultural backgrounds, allowing them to recognize shared dreams and accomplishments.

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Expressing her honor at having the first Afro-Latino ambassador to the US for Colombia host the event, Perea praised him as a trailblazer and an inspiration.

She commended his commitment to community service and highlighted the inclusive nature of the event, underscoring that it is “the house of the people.”

When asked about her inspiration to be more than a model, Perea credited her mother, who guided her into the world of pageantry at the age of 15.

Sasha Perea

Stressing that fashion goes beyond clothes, Perea sees it as a creative outlet for self-expression, stories, and inspiration.

Looking ahead, Perea shared her excitement about her upcoming roles in the weekend’s events.

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While she hosted tonight’s event, she disclosed her plans to take on the role of an anchor for the program. Additionally, she is set to grace the runway as a model on Saturday evening, showcasing the diversity and talent at Global Couture US.

As a proud Miss DC USA 2021, Perea is committed to staying connected to her community. Her plans extend beyond the weekend, emphasizing her dedication to ongoing involvement and engagement.

Global Couture US is poised to witness Sasha Perea’s dynamic presence, both as an anchor guiding the audience through the program and as a model, embodying the essence of fashion and cultural celebration.

The weekend promises to mark the beginning of a series of events, and Perea is honored to play a pivotal role in this inaugural celebration.

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Perea was crowned Miss District of Columbia USA on 17 July 2021 and represented District of Columbia at the Miss USA 2021 pageant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sasha is a co-founder of Foobee, the world’s first dating and social meetup integrated crypto ecosystem.

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