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Nigerian-American debuts consulting agency ‘Tek Remedy’ for African diaspora

Tek Remedy, a Black-owned business consulting agency with a unique focus on assisting new entrepreneurs entering the business market, regardless of the industry, as well as established business owners with less than 20 employees.

The concept for the Maryland-based agency emerged from the founder’s background in Computer Science and a Master’s in Information Technology Management.

The Nigerian-American founder, Chidera Ajaegbo, in an exclusive interview with Africa Cable Network affiliated The African Press, aspired to create an agency that specifically caters to emerging businesses, whether they consist of one or a few team members.

Chidera Ajaegbo

Tek Remedy aims to alleviate the challenges of digital marketing and overall business operations during the challenging initial phases.

Looking ahead to the next five years, Ajaegbo envisions expanding its reach to serve a wider clientele across various industries and enhancing its expertise in digital marketing and business operations.

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Recognizing the increasing role of AI in transforming various industries, Ajaegbo plans to embrace AI technology to bring innovation to the businesses they work with.

One distinct benefit that Tek Remedy offers to Africans and African-Americans is its deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges.

Being founded and fully Black-owned by an African diaspora woman, the agency possesses an innate ability to comprehend the language and nuances of these communities.

This understanding facilitates effective problem-solving, especially in the realm of digital marketing.

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Given that many African and African American businesses are underrepresented in the digital space, Trek Remedy aims to bridge that gap and empower these businesses to establish and maintain a strong digital presence.

The founder’s journey as a tech entrepreneur and business consultant is particularly inspiring. Having navigated the tech industry, which has historically been dominated by Caucasian males, Ajaegbo recognizes the importance of representation and aims to uplift women of color in the digital marketing space.

This mission is driven by a desire to see more women of color succeeding and thriving as business owners and leaders in the digital arena.

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