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Xavier University of Louisiana graduate reflects on her journey to a Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Cydney Wyche-Poree

Cydney Wyche-Poree, a recent graduate from Xavier University of Louisiana, has attained a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with concentrations in Chemistry and Philosophy.

Wyche-Poree’s educational journey has been one marked by gratitude and personal growth, and she attributes her unique experience at her hometown university to the deep connections she’s forged during her academic tenure.

Cydney Wyche-Poree

Cydney Wyche-Poree

Hailing from New Orleans, Wyche-Poree decided to stay close to home for her higher education, unlike many of her high school friends who ventured out of state.

This decision was driven by her intuition that Xavier University of Louisiana offered a distinctive and enriching educational experience that she couldn’t find elsewhere.

Throughout her time at the university, Wyche-Poree encountered challenges and setbacks, but her determination and unwavering faith in herself propelled her toward the ultimate achievement of her degree.

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Wyche-Poree acknowledges that her path to graduation was far from easy, marked by moments of doubt and frustration.

Cydney Wyche-Poree

However, she highlights the invaluable support and lasting connections she built with her peers and the XULA staff as the pillars that sustained her through her academic journey.

She considers her college graduation as one of her most significant accomplishments to date, a testament to her self-belief, capabilities, and the power of perseverance.

As Wyche-Poree proudly bids farewell to the Class of 2023, her journey at Xavier University is an inspiring example of personal growth and academic achievement.

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